Matthew J. Craig

Ph.D. Student

Communication & Information

Kent State University

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M.A., Communication 

Western Michigan University (2020)

Advisor: Chad Edwards, Ph.D.


Master's Project: Emotional robots: Examining participant's perceptions of emotionally expressive robots.

Project Committee: Chad Edwards, Ph.D. (Chair), Autumn Edwards, Ph.D. & Bryan Abendschein, Ph.D.

WMU Signature: Teaching & Student Success

Signature Project: Going beyond the library search: Using social media to engage students in evaluating sources.

B.A., Organizational Communication; Gender and Women's Studies

Western Michigan University (2017)


Hi. My name is Matthew Craig and I'm a Ph.D. student at Kent State University's College of Communication & Information. My research focuses on Human-Machine Communication (HMC) and privacy management and disclosure. Specifically, I seek to understand how humans communicate identity and negotiate privacy when interacting with and through communicative AI and computer-mediated communication contexts.

Upcoming Events.

106th Annual Convention National Communication Association

"Hey, What's Up?" An Ethnographic Examination of Queer People Of Colors' Challenging Experiences on Grindr. Craig, M.J. & Albrehi, F. (2020). 11/21/2020 @ 11am - 12:15pm EST (Virtual Conference Details Soon)

Transparency and Sexual Autonomy: Examining Experiences of Queer People of Color and Their Use of Grindr. Craig, M.J., Sapurtra, R. & Whitehead, E. (2020).

11/22/2020 @ 9:30am - 10:45am EST (Virtual Conference Details Soon)