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Hi. 👋 I'm Matthew Craig, a Ph.D. Candidate in Communication & Information.


I study how people communicate

With & ThroughMachines

About Me.

I'm a social scientist who employs mixed-methods with nearly a decade of combined research and practitioner experiences. My subject expertise are in human-machine communication which converges communication studies with the interdisciplinary fields of human-computer and human-robot interaction. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Communication & Information at Kent State University's College of Communication & Information on track to defend my dissertation Spring, 2024. I am on the job market for tenure track academic positions, postdoctorates,and open to research opportunities.

I use both quantitative and qualitative methods including but not limited to surveys, interviews, and experimental designs to understand how we make sense of how machines manage our private information and personalize our experiences and how this affects us psychologically, impacts our behavior in human-computer interaction, and is influenced by society and our communication experiences. This includes both mediated contexts such as digital communication channels (e.g., computer-mediated communication; social media) and contexts in which we interact with robots and AI powered chat agents.

Please email me at to get in contact.

Research Experience.

2022-2024 | Graduate Researcher

  • Used both quantitative (surveys, text analysis, and experiments) and qualitative (interviews and content analysis) methods.

  • Led research teams in multiple phases of research projects including but not limited to literature review, data collection and analysis, and publication.

  • Managed and facilitated multiple projects while working with senior and junior scholars in addition to mentoring other graduate researchers and research assistants.

  • Presented research and participated in workshops internationally

  • Subject matter expert in human-machine communication and communication privacy management

  • Applied to research grants with both junior and senior scholars

Kent State University, College of Communication & Information - Kent, OH

2018–2023 | Post-Graduate Research Fellow

  • Collaborated with junior and senior scholars

  • Served as ad hoc stats and methods expert

  • Contributed to handbooks for the field of Human-Machine Communication

Communication and Social Robotics Labs (COMBOT Labs)

2018–2020 | Graduate Researcher

  • Created and administered robot stimulus in Wizard of Oz experiments

  • Managed and facilitated multiple projects while working with senior and junior scholars in addition to mentoring undergraduate research assistants.

  • Presented research and had work accepted at major international interdisciplinary conferences

  • Awarded both the department-level Graduate Research and Creative Scholar and the University-wide Graduate Research and Creative Scholar awards

  • Awarded the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Research Assistantship Award

Western Michigan University, School of Communication -  Kalamazoo, MI

Teaching Experience.

Kent State University

  • Human-Computer Interaction (EMAT 33310)

  • Introduction to Human Communication (COMM 15000)

Western Michigan University

  • Communication Research Methods (COM 3000)

  • Intro to Organizational Communication (COM 2800)

  • Public Relations (COM 2500)

  • Communication & Community Engagement (COM 1000)

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